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The Bridal Experience!

Let us answer some frequently asked questions and help guide you through to booking process!

This is no ordinary day so why settle for ordinary hair an makeup? We want our Brides to look anf eel their very best on their wedding day so we strive to create not only a great look but a great experience!

My Brides get treated to the utmost care using all properly sanitized products and tools. We also offer a luxury add-on service to add an element of relaxation to the day! To find out more about my bridal services and procedures read through my frequently asked questions list below! 

  • When should I book?
    Weddings are booked 6-18 months in advance. By waiting, this can allow others to book your date first. I book on a first come first serve basis so it is recommended that you contact me as soon as you know your date. I require a signed contract and paid deposit to secure a date.
  • How do I book?
    As soon as you know your date contact us via email or phone and we will answer any questions you have and get you set up with a contract. Once the contract is signed then you will pay your deposit amount. After that is paid then your date is secured and locked in. I book on a first come first serve basis. Past conversations do not reserve your date.
  • Do you hold dates?
    No, based on high demand, I cannot hold dates. Past conversations do not reserve your date.
  • Do I need to finalize the number of people before booking?
    Yes and No. It is preferred that you get as close as you can to the exact number of people as possible, but it is not "set in stone" when you book. You will have up to 2 months before your date to finalize the number in your party. However, It is important to get a final number ASAP because it will help me determine if I will need to hire a secondary artist
  • Are there any discounts offered?
    No, my prices are firm and have details factored in, hair and makeup and non-hair and makeup related, that are necessary for us to be able to provide a wonderful experience for our brides.
  • Do we have to do both hair and makeup? How can services be arranged?
    Yes we offer both, but no you do not have to have both services done. You can do hair and makeup, just hair, just makeup, or a mixture. There is a page in our contract that provides space for our brides to indicate which party member will be receiving which service.
  • Can you travel to our location?
    Yes I can. I can travel anywhere you need me to, but please take into account that there may be an additional travel fee.
  • Can we get ready at our venue?
    Please contact your venue about this. Most venues do have areas for the bridal party to get ready however, some venues have restrictions on how early you can arrive to start getting ready. These details need to be known at the time of signing the contract as we will discuss getting ready times and locations then.
  • Does anyone need to provide their own products? Can I have you apply my products?
    The only thing I suggest my clients bring of their own is their mascara and that is only to be able to achieve better coverage. I do carry mascara that I apply with a disposable wand, but I find that it only provides minimal coating of the lashes. Because of liability reasons I can only apply the things that I personally have inside my kit other than the mascara. I will provide everything including lashes and again mascara is just a suggestion.
  • How long does each application take?
    A regular bridal makeup application will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. If the luxury add-on is selected it will take up to an additional 30 minutes.
  • Do you offer airbrush makeup?
    No I do not.
  • Are lashes included for all services? Wil it lower the cost if I opt out of getting them?
    Yes, lashes are included for all services. I provide a variety of different styles and fits to be able to accommodate all members of the party. The cost will not change whether lashes are used or not.
  • What happens if I have sensitive skin?
    We will discuss this in depth at your trial and figure out the best plan for you. Please indicate in the space provided in the contract any allergies or sensitivities known prior to your trial.
  • Can I schedule a trial before booking?
    No. Since I do not reserve dates, trials will only be provided to those that have officially booked with me.
  • How far out should I schedule the trial? Where will it take place?
    Trials should be scheduled no later than 1 month before the wedding, 2 months is preferred. Most brides try to coordinate scheduling their trials for the same day as any engagement or pre-wedding pictures being done. Trials will be done at my studio.
  • How long will the trial take? Can others come with me?
    Your trial can take 1.5-2.5 hours depending on services needed and styles desired. This is longer than getting ready time the actual day of because we are spending time getting to know the bride and discussing her style and preferences. Others are allowed to come with the bride however, larger parties will require prearranging with your artist to be sure there will be adequate space and seating.
  • Can anyone else besides the bride book a trial?
    Yes. anyone getting hair or makeup services done the day of can opt in for a trial.
  • Is the trial an additional cost?
    Yes. however, it is discounted to encourage brides to take advantage of the service.
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